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Windy Boy, Sam Verno

Section on Stone Child College, I am not a professor but Tribal History Project cultural consultant please correct on the website. Sam Vernon

Gerard Vandeberg

It is not true that the Crees and Chippewas were traditional enemies. In fact you will find the Crees and Chippewas intermarrying perhaps more than any two other tribes.

It appears that Little Bear, who along with Rocky Boy worked together to form the Rock Boy Reservation, most likely was more Chippewa than was Rocky Boy himself. One of Rocky Boy's wives was a sister of Big Bear AND one of Big Bear's wives was a sister of Rocky Boy.

The intermarriage of the Chippewa and Cree gave rise to a tribe called the Oji/Cree back in Ontario, that it to say their language was Oji-Cree.

Long before the Rocky Boy Reservation was formewd, the bands lead by Rocky Boy and Big Bear could already be called Chippewa Cree. It should also be noted that Turtle Mountain Community College offers classes in Chippewa-Cree as well as classes in Chippewa.

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